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YEREVAN, Nov 29 (Interfax).  Participants in the CIS Interreligious Council meeting held inYerevan believe that immorality is the main challenge of our time.

"The world is now in a difficult situation. Ecological problems, man-made disasters, and the global economic crisis are making millions of people desperate and dismayed. All measures that scientific and economic problems can offer in response are either not good enough or have side effects," the Council said in a communique.

However, the authors of the document believe favorable conditions to ensure peace and prosperity in the world can be effectively achieved by moral revival.

"We are hoping that the 21st century will become an age of morality in the same way as the 20th century was the age of technological revolution. In order for that to happen, the people of the world should use the unique experience of the spiritual traditions of nations," the religious leaders said.

The authors of the document believe that only time-tested moral rules can become the foundation of "proper political, economic, and all other systems of national and international life."

The meeting participants also spoke about the events taking place in the Middle East and Northern Africa, saying that "the natural gravitation of people to freedom will not succeed if it leads to chaos, encroachments on the religious freedoms of historic minorities and human rights in general, the replacement of the real will of nations with external ideological, political, and economic influences."



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