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CA, Jan 30 (Central Asia Newswire). Central Asian states are among the worst in the world for environmental protection, according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) released on Friday.

Only Kyrgyzstan manages to escape from the “Worst Performers” designation, instead placing in the “Weaker Performance” category due to its diligence in maintaining its forests.
The EPI, an index compiled by researchers at Yale and Columbia universities, says that environmental standards deteriorated in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, while remaining largely static in Uzbekistan.
However, states differed greatly when the study took into consideration their overall environmental trends in the past 10 years.
Tajikistan is the only Central Asian state to be ranked in the “modest improvers” category, while Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan all fell into the “worst decliners” category.
Uzbekistan’s environmental protection ranking saw little to no change, according to the study.
All Central Asian states are found to be lacking in their management of precious water resources, which regularly causes friction between the regional neighbors, while EPI slams Kazakhstan for its air quality problems.
The study, created in 2002, also uses data from the World Economic Forum and the European Commission.


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