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BISHKEK, June 1 (TCA) – On May 29-31, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the ‘Association of people living with HIV/AIDS’ and Country network of people living with HIV/AIDS in the framework of projects implemented by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria,

‘Promoting availability and quality of prevention, treatment, detection and care for HIV-infected among the most vulnerable Kyrgyz residents,’ held campaigns devoted to the Children’s Protection Day.

If a child was born with HIV, he gets the status of a ‘handicapped by birth,’ and receives a pension of 3,200 soms until he is 18 years old. HIV-infected adults can be recognized ‘handicapped’ only if they have the fourth stage of AIDS.

If the rights of people with HIV/AIDS are violated, they receive free legal assistance and advocacy as part of the grant.

The campaign in Osh city involved 250 children from different districts. Children saw two theatrical performances – ‘Dostor kyundyu kutkardy’ (‘Friends saved the day’) and ‘Bir koyen yuiyu’ (‘Hare’s home’) fairytales.

Also, these children and 85 children from the Jalal-Abad region received DVDs with the animated film ‘The Story of Vitaminka-Fairy’, which describes in a fairy way the need for regular intake of ARV-drugs, which support SD-cells in the body of sick children. The film was translated into Kyrgyz and replicated especially for the children’s holiday.

An entertainment program with fairy characters – Clown, Carlson, and Sponge Bob was organized for 50 children and their parents in Bishkek and the Chui region jointly with the Bishkek AIDS Center. After the theatrical performance, the children received free tickets for 10 rides in the Flamingo Entertainment Park.

UNDP/GEF (Global Environment Fund) has presented sweets for all children.


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