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BISHKEK, June 13 (TCA) -- The Transit Center at Manas near Bishkek hosted a change of command ceremony on June 13 during which Col. James A. Jacobson, 376th Air Expeditionary Wing commander, relinquished command to Col. Corey J. Martin. 

Colonel Martin was commissioned in May 1991. He has served as a C-141 and C-17 examiner airdrop aircraft commander, chief of wing safety, squadron commander and in various staff assignments at the major command and combatant command level, according to the Transit Center’s public relations office. He has operational flying experience during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
The Transit Center at Manas has approximately 1,400 military as well as 900 U.S. and host-nation contractor personnel performing day-to-day operations at the premier air mobility hub supporting military operations in Afghanistan. The wing's around-the-clock missions include aerial refueling, airlift, onward movement of troops, and strengthening the partnership with the Kyrgyz Republic.
The Times of Central Asia bids farewell to the outgoing director of the Transit Center, Col. Jacobson, congratulating him on the good job he did by shifting it from a military base to a transit center mainly devoted to the transportation of U.S. troops.


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