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BISHKEK, July 8 (CentralAsiaOnline) – The Kyrgyz government, NGOs and  international organisations are collaborating to better fight natural disasters, Arstanbek Momukulov, director of the Secretariat of the National Platform for Reducing the Risks of Natural Disasters, said July 3.

“Analysis shows that the yearly damage from natural disasters in Kyrgyzstan is US $30m-$35m (1.4 billion to 1.6 billion KGS),” he said. “Now we’ve decided to slightly modify our approach and to steer more effort not to fixing the consequences of emergencies but rather to preventing them and to identifying in advance the districts and places where a natural disaster could happen.”

Emergency Situations Ministry units don’t always respond to natural disasters in a timely fashion because they’re based far from the disaster sites, so the country is creating mobile disaster reaction groups, he said. Japan might grant US $3m (141m KGS) to help that effort, Momukulov said.

Also, government agencies, in tandem with civil society and international organisations, are working to improve the public’s attitude toward safety, working to stockpile humanitarian supplies nationwide, and installing the latest information technology in public emergency notification systems, he said.


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