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BISHKEK, July 26 (TCA) – The General Directorate of Road Safety (GDRS) held a series of inspection activities in July in order to ensure the safety of Kyrgyz citizens and visitors.

One inspection revealed 1,078 violations, of which, 25 offenders were police officers, members of the National Security Committee, the State Penitentiary Service or other governmental agencies.

During another raid in the Chui region and Bishkek, 4,721 violations of traffic rules were revealed. A joint raid of the GDRS and Road Safety Department through the Issyk-Kul Provincial Internal Affairs Department at the Ak-Keme checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Balykchy revealed 72 violators. 

An inspection in Bishkek has also revealed numerous violations of passenger transportation rules, driving technically defective vehicles, as well as technical disrepairs and the suitable appearance of the vehicle.

According to Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov’s plan, a new road patrol service will begin its work in Bishkek from August 2012. The government has already received new cars equipped with the latest technology. By the end of 2012, surveillance cameras will be installed in Bishkek’s streets and there will be no traffic cops. By mid-2013 this technique will also be introduced in Osh and on the roads of national importance.

Babanov also said that by September 1, 2012, the Government should consider the concept of reforming the Interior Ministry and submit it for approval to parliament.


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