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BISHKEK, August 2 (Trend) - Water has over flown over the dam at the mountain lake Tez-Tor in northern Kyrgyzstan on July 31, reported with the reference to the Kyrgyz Emergency Situations Ministry.

"An operational group of the Emergency Situations Ministry reported about slight overflow of water over the dam at about 09.30 a.m. The water flow in upper Ala-Archa river increased from 15-20 cubic meters to 30-35 cubic meters per second," the Ministry said.

The water remained at increased level within an hour and a half. Currently water overflow decreased significantly, thus water consumption decreased by 1.5-2 times. The flooding threat for areas located along the river Ala-Archa has reduced.

The Kyrgyz Emergency Situations Ministry, regional administration and other responsible agencies take all necessary measures to prevent an emergency situation, including the work on informing the population on the situation.

"The lakes in the Ala-Archa river's valley are under special control," the Kyrgyz Emergency Situations Ministry said.


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