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BISHKEK, August 9 (TCA) — Kyrgyz State National Security Committee (GKNB) detained a suspected member of Jaish al-Mahdi (Army of the Redeemer of Islam) in Bishkek on Tuesday.

The suspect was identified only as M.K., born in 1974.

Agents searching the suspect’s residence found religious-extremist literature and a weapons cache, including combat knives, bomb components, detonator capsules and fuses, the GKNB said. The suspect is in custody while the investigation continues.

Jaish al-Mahdi is suspected of a series of terrorist acts in Bishkek in late 2010 and early 2011, including a November 2010 bombing outside the Bishkek Sports Palace, the attempted December 2010 car bombing of a police station and the January 2011 slaying of three police officers.

Recall, GKNB detained Daniyar Kadyraliyev on the same suspicion, on February 7, 2012

With reporting from Central Asia Online


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