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MOSCOW, Dec 20 (Interfax).  The heads of state from the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) countries have signed a number of documents, including those regarding the functioning of a EurAsEC court, at a meeting of the Community's Inter-State Council.


International agreements, as well as resolutions were signed after the meeting held in an expanded format. The documents include conventions on the EurAsEC privileges and immunities, on the formation of a customs union in the EurAsEC framework, and a plan of measures to form a Common Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.
The parties also signed a resolution on the implementation of the EurAsEC plan of joint measures to tackle the effects of the global financial crisis.
Among the documents signed are also those which set the structure and staff numbers in the EurAsEC Court Secretariat, pay conditions for judges and court officials and a requirement for court rulings to be officially published.
The heads of state also signed a resolution on meeting the Community's 2010 budget targets and a budgetary message to the EurAsEC Inter-State Council on the 2012 budget policy.
The meeting attendees also signed a resolution regarding the EurAsEC Inter-State Council Chairman and his Deputy, as well as another Council meeting at the level of heads of stat.


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