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MOSCOW, Dec 21 (Interfax).  The heads of state of the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) signed a number of documents to increase the efficiency of the military cooperation and the efforts to counter modern threats and challenges.

In all, the Council's agenda consists of 35 issues, decisions were made and documents signed to develop and improve a crisis response system.
Apart from the documents changing the location of the Organization's military bases in the member states, the CSTO heads of state signed a resolution approving the regulations for emergency response.
"The document sets out regulations for the Organization's collective response, involving, among others, the KSOR (Collective Rapid Reaction Force) forces, to an emergency which cannot be tackled by the forces of the CSTO member state, in which the emergency took place," the CSTO statement said.
The leaders also approved a target inter-state program for equipping the KSOR and a plan of priority measures to form the foundations for a coordinated media policy and a list of measures aimed at forming an information security system.
"The CSTO adopted a plan to counter the threats and challenges emanating from Afghanistan," the statement said.
This document is important for the CSTO because of the 2014 withdrawal of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops from Afghanistan, the statement said.
In all, 23 documents were signed.


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