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DUSHANBE (TCA) — The largest importers of Tajikistan goods are Turkey, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan, Avesta news agency reported.

According to the Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Turkey accounts for 21.4 percent of Tajikistan’s total exports.

Switzerland accounts for 19.4 percent of the total export.

These two countries mainly import Tajik primary aluminum, gold, and cotton fiber.

In January-July 2019, Tajikistan’s trade with Turkey amounted to US $220.3 million, including $137 million worth of goods exported from Tajikistan.

During this period, Tajikistan’s trade with Switzerland amounted to $131.4 million, including $124.6 million worth of goods exported from Tajikistan.

However, Russia remains the largest trading partner of Tajikistan, with Tajik-Russian trade totaling $570 million in January-July.

Tajikistan’s main export items are primary aluminum, cotton fiber, gold and silver, and dried fruits.

During this period, Tajikistan mainly imported from Russia (29.6 percent of the total imports), Kazakhstan (21.9 percent), and China (17.2 percent).

In January-July, Tajikistan’s exports amounted to $641.5 million and imports exceeded $1.8 billion.


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