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ASTANA, Feb1 (Interfax).  Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are requesting that Kazakhstan not pull out of Central Asia's single energy system, KEGOS board chairman Bakhytzhan Kazhiyev said during a Tuesday press conference in Astana.

"The management of our company and Kyrgyzstan's national energy system are in Uzbekistan today to settle problems with the work of the [single energy system]. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan request that we not work separately from the [single energy system], since that would lead to serious limitations for consumers in these countries," Kazhiyev said.
Uzbekistan has signed an agreement to pay non-contract electric power used in 2011, he said. "In 2011 they consumed $15.9 million worth of electrical energy, and during the current year they have consumed [electric power] $7.5 million over contract," he said. Uzbekistan has yet to pay off its debt to Kazakhstan, he added.
In that figure KEGOS gives the cost of "services for settlement and services for unplanned purchases of electrical energy," he said. "The question of payment is being settled today. They [state joint stock company Uzbekenergo] have received the corresponding permissions from their financing banks and request a schedule for full debt payoff to February 25 of this year," Kazhiyev said.
Kazakhstan had planned to withdraw from parallel operations with the Central Asian energy system because of Uzbekistan's repeated taking of electricity.
KEGOS said not long ago that the non-contracted drawing-off of power by the Uzbek energy system at peak hours is associated with surges in Kazakhstan's power system at night. Non-adherence to plan has a negative effect on and destabilizes the parallel operation of the unified energy systems of Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.
KEGOS is the operator of the single national power grid of Kazakhstan. The company is part of the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund.


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