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CENTRAL ASIA, March 29 (Universal Newswires) - Pakistani investors should capitalize on willingness expressed by the Central Asian countries to do business, a leading Pakistani businessman advised Wednesday.

Ahmad Jawad, chief executive officer of Harvest Tradings-Pakistan noted that the combined output of three leading Central Asia economies – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan – have a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of $207 billion.

Even though Tajikistan is the poorest of the five regional states, it has a vital geographical location as Pakistan’s nearest Central Asian neighbor, he noted.

The two countries lie some 15 miles apart at their nearest point, separated by a thin strip of Afghan territory.

Tajikistan is an important gateway for Pakistan to other Central Asian countries.

Its domestic market is a ready recipient of food products, hygiene items, and other products with “a profit margin ranging between 80 and 500 percent,” he said, according to Islamabad-based The News media outlet.

Pakistani businessmen should be further incentivized by the country’s stable currency and low import duties, he said.

Jawad proposed that the two countries should form a Pakistani-Tajik Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry to boost trade between their private sectors.

Pakistan should take notice of China, India, and Iran, which are focusing their attention on Central Asia.

“Even if we manage to get 1 percent share of this trade, our export earnings will increase by half a billion dollars,” he said.

Harvest Tradings-Pakistan is an exporter and professional services consultant for companies and organizations trading overseas.


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