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TASHKENT, July 31 (TCA) -- Uzbekistan’s Jizzakh Battery Plant has commissioned the production of calcium batteries worth approximately US $10 million, according to Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Economy.

The company launched the production line with the capacity of producing 800,000 calcium batteries per year.

Given the decline in demand for the manufactured lead-acid batteries, in 2013 it is planned to switch the entire capacity of the plant – one million batteries – to the full production of calcium batteries.

Companies from South Korea, Germany and Italy have delivered technological equipment.

The project was financed by the plant’s shareholders.

The Jizzakh Battery Plant was established in March 2010 based on an Uzbek-U.S. joint venture UzExide that was declared bankrupt by the economic court of the Jizzakh region in 2009.

Uzbek national car-making company Uzavtoprom owns 79.69% of the authorized capital, the Uzbekistani bank Asaka owns 12.19%, Uzbekistani Markazi Combine owns 5.75%, and GM Uzbekistan – 1.9%.


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