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TAJIKISTAN, Dushanbe, Jan 16 (IRNA) - Tajik political analyst Abdolmakin Mirzayev said on Saturday the brutal assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist will not impede Iran's progress in its nuclear programs.

He told IRNA that the USA and some other Western countries are attempting to stop Iran’s progression.  

“Through committing inhumane actions against Iran, they want to prevent the country's endeavors to acquire nuclear technology,“ Mirzayev said.

He said the assassination of the Iranian scientist before resumption of nuclear talks between Iran and the G5+1 is 'questionable', adding that the US and its allies repeatedly committed such terrorist actions and failed, but are unfortunately still putting pressures on Iran through such brutal actions to prevent materialization of its progressive goals.

This analyst called on the world scientists, scholars, intellectuals and free people to contemn such US and Zionist terrorist acts and stop the murder of innocent elites in the world.

Mirzayev also urged the so-called advocates of human rights to stop allowing double standards to be enforced on such cases and fight against unusual and inhumane terrorist acts.

The Iranian nuclear physicist and three others were targeted in a terrorist act, and were killed when a magnetic bomb attached to their vehicle exploded.

The bomb was apparently attached to their vehicle via motorcyclein Ketabi square in eastern Tehran.

A security official told IRNA that the incident looked like previous terrorist attacks on nuclear scientists by agents of the Zionist regime.



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