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BISHKEK, Jan 27 (Interfax).  Kyrgyz Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov has ordered an investigation into mass protests in Kyrgyz prisons with some of the inmates sewing their mouths shut.

"Babanov discussed the situation in penitentiaries during a meeting with law enforcement officials on Thursday and ordered the Prosecutor General's Office, the Interior Ministry, the National Security Committee and the State Penitentiary Service to create a joint group to probe the circumstances of the latest events in the penitentiary system," a source in the government's press service has told Interfax.
Babanov demanded that the situation in the penitentiaries be stabilized as quickly as possible..
Riots and protests in Kyrgyz prisons and penitentiaries started in the beginning of this year, and the prison authorities' response was harsh. The State Penitentiary Service said that the inmates had the right to go on a hunger strike and no one was going to force them to eat.


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