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DUSHANBE, March 27 (RFE\RL) -- Heavy snows in the mountains of southern Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have triggered avalanches and left large sections of both countries cut off.

Kyrgyzstan's Deputy Minister for Emergency Situations Mukanbet Kasymaliev said that all roads are blocked in the Chong Alai district of Osh Province.

"Ground transportation links are gone," Kasymaliev said, adding that basic goods are already in short supply there.

The main highway between Osh and the capital, Bishkek, is also closed in places due to avalanches.

In Tajikistan, the highway connecting the capital to the northern Sughd region is blocked by snow. The road leading to Tajikistan's eastern city of Khorog is also blocked.

In some places of Tajikistan, local officials are reporting the heaviest snowfalls and the lowest temperatures in some 50 years.


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