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WASHINGTON, May 18 (RFE/RL) – The U.S. Treasury Department has slapped sanctions on an accused Haqqani network operative and a Taliban financier, a move it says will help "ensure all those who perpetrate ongoing violence and terrorist activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan will continue to be marginalized and cut off from the international financial system."

Any U.S. assets held by Bakht Gul and Abdul Baqi Bari are now frozen and U.S. citizens are prohibited from doing business with them.

A Treasury Department statement identified Gul as a "key Haqqani Network communications official" who works directly for senior Haqqani network leader Badruddin Haqqani.

Bari is identified as a Taliban "money launderer" and financial manager and has allegedly used Pakistani banks to secure money given to him by Taliban sources.

He has also reportedly funneled funds to support Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.


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