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ASTANA, March 1 (TCA) — About 40 geological parks may be opened in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reported with reference to the member of Kazakhstan Geographic Society’s Academic Board Ilya Fishman.

“There are 500 sites in our database now. We are choosing the most interesting sites to open at least 40 geological parks in Kazakhstan,” the source quoted Fishman as saying during the conference in Astana, entitled ‘Potential of the Earth and People.’ 

“Geological parks are regions with a special status. Earth’s geological history, formation of rocks and mineral deposits can be traced visually at these sites. Tourists are interested in such parks,” the scientist added.

“Establishment of geological parks is a way to preserve Kazakhstan's national heritage and contribute to the country's economy. This is a way to improve the quality of life through creating new jobs. These sites will also help us to tell people about our homeland and its nature,” Fishman said.


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