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MOSCOW, Dec 22 (Interfax). The lack of stability along the perimeter of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) responsibility zone and the deployment of the United States missile defense system in Europe require a closer cooperation among the Organization's member states, a high-ranking representative from the Belarusian delegation, which attended a session of the CSTO Collective Security Council, told Interfax on Tuesday.

"Modern challenges and threats, including plans to deploy a U.S. missile system in Europe, are prompting us to cooperate more closely within the CSTO," said the official, expressing the Belarusian position voiced at the Council meeting.
"The situation on the global arena does not allow us to pay less attention to security issues," he said.
"Today there is no stability along the perimeter of the CSTO responsibility zone either," he said.
Belarus has acknowledged with satisfaction that in 2011 the CSTO member states acted in a coordinated fashion, "from the same political positions at the majority of most significant security forums," he said.
"The CSTO has significantly strengthened the potential of its Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (KSOR) by adopting the relevant program to equip the KSOR with modern and compatible weapons and military hardware," the Belarusian representative also said.
The CSTO members "have already gone beyond the boundaries of an isolated defense political bloc," the official said. "Given the interest shown by other countries in cooperating with our organization on issues such as countering illegal immigration and drug trafficking, emergency and disaster response, the Organization members have decided on a mechanism of getting partner states involved in the CSTO activities," the Belarusian delegation member said.


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