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BISHKEK, April 8 (TCA) — On the 7th of April, Kyrgyzstan marked the third anniversary of the Revolution of 2010 that ousted former President Bakiev.

Kyrgyz Republic President Atambayev in his address to the nation said, “We must build a new Kyrgyzstan where everyone can work, protect his/her family and set them on their feet, where everyone, irrespective of nationality, religion, and social status can feel equal and valuable”. In his address the President have spoken of the three revolutions through which the country has gone in the last decade . He said “The memory of the Aksy revolution and the 2005 and 2010 revolutions helps us realize the fragility and importance of peace and stability. Only in peace and reconciliation can we survive all hardships and ordeals. Only this way can we achieve the dream our fallen heroes fought for in 2002, 2005, and April 2010 “

The Aksy events created a strong opposition to the Akayev administration, but only the revolution of March 2005 finally ousted the President. That was followed by a new regime, with a lot of expectations, under former President Bakiev. However, he was in turn ousted by the revolution of the 7th of April 2010. The tragic events that follows the popular protest left many deaths with an official count of approximately 400 deaths and thousands of displaced people. In June 2010 the country, under an interim Government lead by interim President Roza Otumbayeva, gave itself a new Constitution through a referendum that in October of 2011 elected the present President and changed the political system from a Presidential republic into a parliamentary system.

Today, Kyrgyzstan is the only parliamentary republic in Central Asia, but the country is still in a transition period facing a difficult economic period due to a variety of reasons. Among them, the inability to create a proper policy for attracting investment while being in urgent need of local and foreign investment to create employment. Political and economic opinions are very contradictory, and while the Government is claiming that important reforms have been introduced or are in the process of being introduced, the opposition strongly contests these statements and points out the inflation, the lack of action and the continuous corruption.

After each revolution and popular protest, there are many promises and speeches that generate great expectations in the people, while underestimating the difficulties of a complex reality where the existing instability plays a large role. Three years have passed since the last revolution but the changes have not yet been felt, some think that the social and economic situation has worsened, and that the Government does not have a clear strategy to solve the pressing problems. While some consider the 7th of April, 2010 as the starting point for a new Kyrgyzstan, only time will tell if this period has been spent to create a better country for all its citizens.


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