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NUR-SULTAN (TCA) — Kazakhstan is proceeding to a new stage in ensuring food security and price control by creating a national commodity distribution system. This was said at the government teleconference meeting on April 28 chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, reported.

Kazakhstan has studied the successful experience of similar systems in France and Spain.

The project to create a national commodity distribution system is being implemented in three stages until 2022, and some 24 centers will be built. This will make it possible to store, process and distribute about 4.8 million tons of agricultural products. The created infrastructure will ensure the complete preservation of the harvested crop and minimize losses, thereby increasing the interest of agricultural producers in increasing production.

This year, five centers will be opened in Pavlodar, Almaty and Turkistan regions, which will ensure the storage of an additional 600 thousand tons of agricultural products.

The prime minister emphasized that the presence of such centers in all regions of Kazakhstan will solve the food shortage during the off-season. At the same time, such distribution network will allow to control the price margin on each link with the introduction of digital technologies, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

“Already at the first stage with the introduction of the distribution centers, we expect the effect of reducing prices for agricultural products by 25% due to transparent pricing and new effective trade mechanisms,” said Mamin.

Akimats (administrations) of the regions were instructed to ensure the allocation of land and bringing the necessary infrastructure to the wholesale distribution centers, and to attract the private sector to the creation of new industries.


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