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NUR-SULTAN (TCA) — This year Kazakhstan plans to sow crops on 22.5 million hectares, of which 15.2 million hectares will be occupied by grain and leguminous crops, including wheat — 11.4 million hectares. This was said at a government conference call on May 26, chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, reported.

The projected area of oil crops is 3 million hectares, vegetable and melon and potato crops — 471.7 thousand hectares, and fodder crops — 3.7 million hectares.

To date, 9.6 million hectares, or 65% of the target, have been sown with grain and leguminous crops. This year, favorable weather conditions are predicted for a good harvest.

“According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, Kazakhstan, along with the USA, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina, is considered a country with the greatest potential in the agricultural sector. Our country has real potential to become one of the world’s food hubs,” said Mamin.

To increase agricultural production, the prime minister instructed to take measures to build up a high-quality and affordable raw material base, increase productivity, and accelerate the transition to the production of high-value products.

As part of state support, special emphasis is placed on expanding irrigated areas of large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises using modern irrigation technologies.

The prime minister ordered the Ministry of Agriculture, together with akimats (regional administrations), to develop a new concept for a comprehensive agricultural development program taking into account the specifics of the agricultural sector in the context of each region.


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