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LONDON (TCA) — The Eurasian Creative Guild (ECG) have just announced that their 3rd Eurasian Film Festival is definitely on! Defying the pandemic, this exciting four-day event will go ahead for real in London, repeating last year’s very successful event. Starting from June 24th, it will feature new films from across Eurasia.

While other film festivals have been forced online, or cancelled altogether, the ECG were determined to bring filmmakers together again for a real, physical festival, and as last year the Mercury Centre in Romford provides the perfect venue. So filmmakers – directors, animators, screenwriters, producers and actors – and filmgoers from many Eurasian countries will have the chance to meet face to face, in a safe, socially distanced way, and share films and ideas, in this welcoming, glamourous space.

The ECG Film Festival, uniquely, shines the spotlight on Eurasian film, and provides a special showcase for Eurasian film makers. This year, the festival features 59 films from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, USA, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, India, Portugal, Canada, China, France, Germany and Turkey. It includes not only a range of exciting shorts, but full length feature films.

“In this pandemic time, film has become an even more vital medium for sharing stories,” says ECG chairman John Farndon, author and poet. “And at the 2021 festival we are lucky enough to be featuring a raft of exciting films from some of Eurasia’s most talented new filmmakers.”

This year’s festival includes the film Kupala by BelarusFilm and Baluan Sholak by KazakhFilm. Kupala is the story of a national poet Yanka Kupaka, who is trying to fight for his rights and defend national values. Baluan Sholak is a beautiful life story of the famous wrestler and musician Nurmagambet Baimyrzauly, who became famous among the people under the name Baluan Sholaқ. The nickname was given to him after a fight with a wolf, from which Nurmagambet emerged victorious, but lost several fingers on his hand.

The highlight of the festival will be the awards ceremony, which includes awards for: Grand Prix (Best Feature Film), Best Documentary Film, Best Music Video, Best Short Feature Film, Best Book Trailer, Best Mobile Video, Best Animated Film, Best Screenplay on English and Best Screenplay on Russian.

The Film Festival will be held in London, June 24-28. Tickets can be purchased soon at Premier Cinemas.

More information can be found on our website or on social media:

Instagram - @eurasianfilmfest

Facebook - @ECGFilmFestival

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